One sauna session for two : 25 €
This includes towels and mineral water to keep you hydrated.

The use of the sauna has positive effects such as :
-relaxing muscles
-elimination body toxins
-improving blood flow
-relieving stress
-providing a general sensation of well being


– First have a shower
To begin with, have a shower. this is for hygiene but also to make sweating easier.
After your shower, make sure you dry your skin well as a dry skin sweats more easily.

– Now, it’s the sweating time
Remain approximately 5 to 10 minutes inside the sauna. Leave it if you are feeling uncomfortable.

– Time for a cold shower.
By sprinkling yourself with cold water, you will feel relaxed and revived. Start with your feet then proceed slowly along your legs and then the rest of the body.

– Have a break
After your cold shower, allow yourself to rest for a couple of minutes and also to rehydrate by drinking water regulary.

– How many times should I use the sauna ?
You can go in up to three times in a row. It’s up to you. Please respect your personnal limits.